Chicken Feet

Are juicy and full of flavour, best when cooked on a BBQ.


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Chicken Gizzards

Are tender and delicious when cooked you can grill, fry or sauté them or add them to stews or soups.


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Chicken Liver

Is packed with flavour, ideal for pate, casserole, and stews or cooked with sliced onions in grav...


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cow foot

Ideal for using as a stock or in a stew when cooked slowly the meat becomes soft and is easy to r...


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Ox Heart

Is flavourful and surprisingly very lean often used in stews.


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Ox Kidney

Can be a tender and flavourful cut of beef if prepared correctly, it requires long braising over ...


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Ox Liver

Can be tenderer and mild in flavour, ideal for pate, casserole, stews or cooked with sliced onion...


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Ox Tongue

Is a rich piece of meat which is enjoyed in many parts of the world, ideal for slow cooking.


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Ox Tripe

Is an acquired taste and it should be slow-cooked to achieve a tender result, it has a mild flavo...


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