What is African style meat?

African style meat is beef on the bone sliced, we have a choice of: T-bone steak, Chuck steak, Blade steak, Short Ribs, Brisket and Shin.

Is the meat from Africa?

Our meat is sourced fresh from local suppliers, and cut African style by our butchers at Model Farm Shop.

Which beef is best for braai?

From talking to our customers we have found out that they think Chuck steak or Blade steak is best for braai.

Is the meat from Model Farm?

Some of our beef is reared and bred at model farm and has been locally slaughtered.

Are the dry goods imported from Africa?

Yes the dry goods we sell are imported from Africa.

Who owns Model Farm? Is he from Africa?

Allan Bamford owns Model Farm and is not from Africa, please see the Bio section for more details about him.

If I order a whole goat does it come with everything i.e. the head, skin and insides?

No, we sell a whole goat as the meat only.

Can I have discount?

We offer 2kg free boerewors for every £100 spent per transaction when you come to our shop in Bradford. When shopping online reoccurring customers will be e-mailed special offers or discount after a certain amount of orders.