Iwisa Maize Meal 10kg pack now only £10.98

Iwisa Maize Meal 5kg pack now only £5.49


We stock Hodzeko Amasi £4.29 a tub


and we also have Kumunda cereal smoothie

Mahewu £2.19 a bottle


We stock Camphor creams!


We stock a range of camphor creams available to buy.


We have: 


-Aloe Vera




All £4.50

Beef Burgers
Made by our butchers, at our farm shop, using local beef from our local abattoirs
A family favourite - 100% beef, simply seasoned.


We sell hundreds of these fabulous beef burgers all year long, especially in Summer as they are ideal for the BBQ!


They make a delicious tea-time treat for the children with or without a bun!



4oz Beef burgers 69p each


                                                      Grill, Fry or BBQ - they taste great!