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Dry Products & Spices:
IWISA  NO.1 Maize Meal 2Kg Bag 
IWISA  NO.1 Maize Meal 5kg Bag 
IWISA  NO.1 Maize Meal 10kg Bag 
Robertsons  Chicken Spice 100ml Bottle
Robertsons Portuguese Chicken 100ml Bottle
Robertsons Spice for Fish 100ml Bottle
Robertsons  Spice for Rice 100ml Bottle
Robertsons Steak and Chops 100ml Bottle
Robertsons  Garlic Salt 100ml Bottle
Robertsons  Meat Tenderiser 100ml Bottle 
Robertsons  Peri-Peri 100ml Bottle
Robertsons Paprika 100ml Bottle 
Robertsons  Cinnamon 100ml Bottle 
Robertsons  Rosemary & Garlic  200ml Shaker 
Robertsons Zesty Lemon & Herb 200ml Shaker 
Robertsons  Aromatic Roast Potato  200ml Shaker 
Robertsons  Spicy Shisanyama 200ml Shaker 
Robertsons  Traditional Braai mix  200ml Shaker 
Robertsons  Rustic Garlic & Herb 200ml Shaker 

Jikelel Shisebo Mix

BBQ 100g Box
Jikelel Shisebo Mix Chicken Spice 100g Box
Jikelel Shisebo Mix Steak & Chop 100g Box
Jikelel Shisebo Mix  Cayenne Pepper 100g Box
Jikelel Shisebo Mix Rajah Curry Powder 100g Box
Rajah Curry Powder All In One 100g Box 
Rajah Curry Powder Hot 100g Box
Rajah Curry Powdet  Masala  100g Box 
Rajah Curry Powder  Medium 100g Box 
Rajah Curry Powder  Mild-Spicy  100g Box 

Robs Spice 

Fish  200g Tub 
Robs Spice  Chicken   200g Tub 
Robs Spice  Steak & Chop  200g Tub 
Robs Spice  BBQ 200g Tub
Robs Spice  Garlic BBQ 200g Tub 
Robs Spice  Chicken Peri-Peri  200g Tub
Royco Soup  Mutton & Vegtable  50g Packet 
Royco Soup Minestrone 50g Packet
Royco Soup  Cream of Chicken  50g Packet 
Royco Soup  Rich Ox-Tail  50g Packet 
Royco Soup  Beef & Onion  50g Packet 
Royco Soup  Chili Beef & Green Pepper  50g Packet 
Royco Soup  Spicy Chicken  50g Packet 
Royco Soup  Chakalaka 50g Packet 
Mrs Balls Chutney  Peach  470g Bottle 
Mrs Balls Chutney  Original  470g Bottle 
Mrs Balls Chutney Hot 470g Bottle 
Mrs Balls Chutney  Chakalaka 470g Bottle 
Sun Jam  Original  300g Jar 
All Gold Sauce  Tomato 700g Bottle 
Cheeky Chilly Sauce  Chili  200g Bottle 


Mazoe (Zim) Orange  2 Litre Bottle
Mazoe (Zim) Blackberry 2 Litre Bottle
Mazoe (Zim) Peach 2 Litre Bottle 
Mazoe (Zim) Cream Soda 2 Litre Bottle
Mazoe (Zim) Peach 2 Litre Bottle
Mazoe (Zim) Raspberry 2 Litre Bottle
Sparletta Cream Soda 2 Litre Bottle 
Sparletta Pine nut

2 Litre Bottle

Sparletta Sparberry  2 Litre bottle
Sparletta  Stoney  2 Litre Bottle 


Tilapia  2.5kg
Tilapia  5kg
Tilapia Fillet 1kg
Cod Fillet Per kg
Cod Fillet 10lb
Haddock Fillet Per kg
Haddock fillet  10lb
Headless Reds Per kg
Headless Reds 7kg
Mackerel Per kg
Mackerel 20kg
Cat Fish kg
Cat Fish 5kg
Yellow Croaker kg
Yellow Croaker  6kg
Hake Fillet  kg
Hake Whole kg
Pangasius Fillet kg
Pangasius Whole  kg
Golden Pomfret kg
Prawns 900g
Red Snapper Per kg 


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Our shop offers you the best fresh quality beef, pork, lamb & poultry, home made beef burgers and sausages, frozen fish and fresh eggs.


We also have a wide range of fruit and vegtables.

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South African-style sausages and sliced meats on the bone