Check out a few Products that we stock:


Fruit & Vegtables:
Apples's Per bag £1.60
Orange's Each  £0.50
Nardocott (mandarynki) Each £0.50
Kiwi Each  £0.40
Pineapple Each £1.32
Yellow Melon Each £1.95
WaterMelon Each  £4.25
Lemon's Each £0.30
Red Pepper Per kg £2.90
Yellow Pepper Per kg £2.90
Green Pepper  Per kg £2.90
Tri colour Pepper Each  £0.99
Onion's Per kg £0.59
Red Onion's  Per Bag £1.19
Brown Onion's Per Bag £0.99
Onion  Bag £2.49
Baby Potatoe  Per kg £1.50
White Potatoes  5kg Bag £5.60
White Potatoes  2kg Bag £2.50
Chantennay Carrot's Per Pack £1.60
Carrot's Per kg £1.00
Tomatoe Per kg £2.10
Cherry Tomato Per Pack  £1.42
Mushroom's Per Pack £0.99
Pumkin Per kg £2.38
Garlic Per Bag  £1.99
Eggs (6pcs)   £0.99
Dry Products & Spices:
IWISA  NO.1 Maize Meal 2Kg Bag  £2.20
IWISA  NO.1 Maize Meal 5kg Bag  £5.49
IWISA  NO.1 Maize Meal 10kg Bag  £10.98
Robertsons  Chicken Spice 100ml Bottle £2.49
Robertsons Coarse Black Pepper 100ml Bottle £2.93
Robertsons Crushed Chili 100ml Bottle £2.93
Robertsons Portuguese Chicken 100ml Bottle £3.19
Robertsons Spice for Fish 100ml Bottle £2.19
Robertsons  Spice for Rice 100ml Bottle £2.19
Robertsons Steak and Chops 100ml Bottle £2.19
Robertsons  Garlic Salt 100ml Bottle £2.93
Robertsons  Meat Tenderiser 100ml Bottle  £1.99
Robertsons  Peri-Peri 100ml Bottle £2.93
Robertsons Paprika 100ml Bottle  £2.93
Robertsons  Cinnamon 100ml Bottle  £2.93
Robertsons  Rosemary & Garlic  200ml Shaker 


Robertsons Zesty Lemon & Herb 200ml Shaker  £3.59
Robertsons  Aromatic Roast Potato  200ml Shaker 


Robertsons  Spicy Shisanyama 200ml Shaker  £3.59
Robertsons  Traditional Braai mix  200ml Shaker  £3.59
Robertsons  Rustic Garlic & Herb 200ml Shaker 



Jikelel Shisebo Mix

BBQ 100g Box £1.07
Jikelel Shisebo Mix Chicken Spice 100g Box £1.07
Jikelel Shisebo Mix Steak & Chop 100g Box £1.19
Jikelel Shisebo Mix  Cayenne Pepper 100g Box £1.07
Jikelel Shisebo Mix Rajah Curry Powder 100g Box £1.07
Rajah Curry Powder All In One 100g Box  £1.99
Rajah Curry Powder Hot 100g Box £1.99
Rajah Curry Powdet  Masala  100g Box  £1.99
Rajah Curry Powder  Medium 100g Box  £1.99
Rajah Curry Powder  Mild-Spicy  100g Box  £1.99

Robs Spice 

Fish  200g Tub  £1.19
Robs Spice  Chicken   200g Tub  £1.19
Robs Spice  Steak & Chop  200g Tub  £1.19
Robs Spice  BBQ 200g Tub £1.19
Robs Spice  Garlic BBQ 200g Tub  £1.19
Robs Spice  Chicken Peri-Peri  200g Tub £1.19
Royco Soup  Mutton & Vegtable  50g Packet  £0.59
Royco Soup Minestrone 50g Packet £0.59
Royco Soup  Cream of Chicken  50g Packet  £0.59
Royco Soup  Rich Ox-Tail  50g Packet  £0.59
Royco Soup  Beef & Onion  50g Packet  £0.59
Royco Soup  Chili Beef & Green Pepper  50g Packet  £0.59
Royco Soup  Spicy Chicken  50g Packet  £0.59
Royco Soup  Chakalaka 50g Packet  £0.59
Mrs Balls Chutney  Peach  470g Bottle  £3.29
Mrs Balls Chutney  Original  470g Bottle  £3.29
Mrs Balls Chutney Hot 470g Bottle  £3.29
Mrs Balls Chutney  Chakalaka 470g Bottle  £3.99
Sun Jam  Original  300g Jar  £3.49
All Gold Sauce  Tomato 700g Bottle  £3.49
Cheeky Chilly Sauce  Chili  200g Bottle  £2.59


Mazoe (Zim) Orange  2 Litre Bottle £4.99
Mazoe (Zim) Blackberry 2 Litre Bottle


Mazoe (Zim) Peach 2 Litre Bottle  £4.99
Mazoe (Zim) Cream Soda 2 Litre Bottle £4.99
Mazoe (Zim) Peach 2 Litre Bottle £4.99
Mazoe (Zim) Raspberry 2 Litre Bottle £4.99
Sparletta Cream Soda 2 Litre Bottle  £2.99
Sparletta Pine nut

2 Litre Bottle

Sparletta Sparberry  2 Litre bottle £2.99
Sparletta  Stoney  2 Litre Bottle  £2.99


Tilapia  2.5kg £6.99
Tilapia  5kg £12.99
Tilapia Fillet 1kg £5.99
Cod Fillet Per kg £7.99
Cod Fillet 10lb £30.00
Haddock Fillet Per kg £7.99
Haddock fillet  10lb £30.00
Headless Reds Per kg £5.19
Headless Reds 7kg £30.00
Mackerel Per kg £3.49
Mackerel 20kg £48.00
Cat Fish kg £3.49
Cat Fish 5kg £16.99
Yellow Croaker kg £4.99
Yellow Croaker  6kg £25.99
Hake Fillet  kg £7.89
Hake Whole kg £5.29
Pangasius Fillet kg £4.99
Pangasius Whole  kg £3.99
Golden Pomfret kg £5.99
Prawns 1lb £8.89
Scampi  1lb £4.99
Red Snapper Per kg  £12.69
Red Snapper 5kg £


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