Castle Lager Export Brewed in SA 330ml Bottles   £1.39
Windhoek Lager Premium 330ml Bottles   £1.29
Hansa Pilsner   340ml Bottles   £1.29
Amstel   330ml Bottles   £1.29
Hunters Cider Gold 340ml Bottles   £1.29
Hunters Cider Dry 340ml Bottles   £1.29
Savanah Cider Dry 330ml Bottles   £1.29
Redds Premium Cold Fruit Ale 340ml Bottles   £1.29
Lobels (Square ones) Lemon Creams 200g Pack   £1.40
Lobels Custard Creams 150g Pack   £1.19
Lobels Vanilla Creams 150g Pack   £1.29
Bakers Eet Sum Mor   200g Pack   £1.89
Bakers Red Label Lemon Creams 200g Pack   £1.40
Bakers Tennis   200g Pack   £1.49
Bakers Romany Creams classic choc (original) 200g Pack   £1.99
Nestle Milo Slab 80g Slab   £0.79
Cadbury Lunch Bar   Large Bar   £0.99
Beacon Bigger TV Bar Milk 53g Bar   £0.79
Cerevita Corn & Wheat 500g Box   £6.49
Cerevita Corn & Banana 500g Box   £6.49
Nestle Nestum First Cereal 250g Box   £2.99
Nestle Nestum Mixed Cereal 250g Box   £2.99
Nestle Nestum 5 Cereals 250g Box   £2.99
CERELAC REGULAR   250g   £2.99
CERELAC BANANA   250g   £2.99
CERELAC HONEY   250g   £2.99
Mrs Balls Chutney Original Mild 470g Jar   £2.84
Mrs Balls Chutney Hot 470g Jar   £2.84
Mrs Balls Chutney Peach 470g Jar   £2.84
Mrs Balls Chutney Chilli 470g Jar   £2.84
Maputi Salted 50g Bags   £0.49
Willards Thingz 150g Bag   £2.99
Willards Korn Kurls 150g Bag   £2.99
Simba Cheesy N/N's   150g Bag   £1.69
Simba Fruit Chutney N/N's   150g Bag   £1.69
Willards Flings LARGE Original 150g Bag   £1.99
Willards Cheese Curls   150g Bag   £1.99
Simba Twistees Chutney   150g Bag   £1.69
Simba Mrs Balls Chutney   125g Bag   £1.59
Simba Smoked Beef   125g Bag   £1.59
Simba Mexican Chilli   125g Bag   £1.59
Simba Tomato Sauce   125g Bag   £1.59
Simba Salt & Vinegar   125g Bag   £1.59
Simba Cheese & Onion   125g Bag   £1.59
Mazoe (Zim) Orange Crush 2 Litre Bottle   £5.49
Mazoe (Zim) Cream Soda 2 Litre Bottle   £5.49
Mazoe (Zim) Raspberry 2 Litre Bottle   £5.49
Mazoe (Zim) Blackberry 2 Litre Bottle   £5.49
Sparletta Creme Soda 330ml Cans   £0.99
Sparletta Sparberry 330ml Cans   £0.99
Sparletta Iron Brew 330ml Cans   £0.99
Fanta Grape 330ml Cans   £0.99
Fanta Orange 330ml Cans   £0.99
Fanta Pineapple 330ml Cans   £0.99
Schwepps Lemon Twist 330ml Cans   £0.99
Schwepps Granadilla Twist 330ml Cans   £0.99
Stoney Ginger Beer 330ml Cans   £0.99
Sparletta Creme Soda 2 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Sparletta Sparberry 2 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Fanta Grape 2 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Fanta Orange 2 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Schwepps Granadilla Twist 2 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Stoney Ginger Beer 2 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Sparletta Pine Nut 2 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Mazoe (Zim) Peach 2l   £5.49
Iwisa No.1 Maize Meal   2.5kg Bag   £2.49
Iwisa No.1 Maize Meal   5kg Bag   £4.49
Iwisa No.1 Maize Meal   10kg Plastic   £8.49
Iwisa Braai Pap   2.5kg Bag    
Iwisa SAMP   1kg Bag   £1.49
Tastic Rice   1kg Bags   £2.49
Golden Dice Sugar Beans 500g Bag   £1.49
Golden Dice Sugar Beans & Samp 500g   £1.49
AMASI MILK   1l   £2.99
Cheeky Chilli Sauce 200ml Bottle   £2.89
Steers Marinade Steakmaker 1 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Steers Marinade Spare Rib 1 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Steers Marinade Chicken 1 Litre Bottle   £2.99
Steers Sauce BBQ 375ml Bottle   £2.49
Steers Sauce Garlic 375ml Bottle   £2.49
Steers Sauce Peri Peri 375ml Bottle   £2.49
Steers Sauce Monkey Gland 375ml Bottle   £2.49
Steers Sauce Mustard 375ml Bottle   £2.49
Steers Sauce Burger Relish 375ml Bottle   £2.49
All Gold Tomato Sauce   350ml Bottle   £1.89
Cheeky Chilli Sauce 100ml Bottle   £1.89
Crosse & Blackwell Mayonnaise 375g Jar   £2.29
Nando Honey  Marinade 425g   £2.99
Nando Peri Peri Marinade 425g   £2.99
Nando Sweet & Sticky Marinade 425g   £2.99
Nando Garlic Sauce 250ml   £2.99
Nando Peri Peri Hot Sauce 250ml   £2.99
Manda Chilli Sauce Medium 150g   £1.99
Manda Chilli Sauce Hot 150g   £1.99
Royco Usavi Mix Beef 75g Sachet   £1.49
Royco Usavi Mix Chicken 75g Sachet   £1.49
Rajah Curry Powder Hot 100g Box   £1.89
Rajah Curry Powder Medium 100g Box   £1.89
Rajah Curry Powder Mild & Spicy 100g Box   £1.89
Rajah Curry Powder All in one 100g Box   £1.89
Cartwrights Curry Powder Hot 100g Box   £1.89
Cartwrights Curry Powder Medium 100g Box   £1.89
Pakco Masala   100g Box   £1.69
Robertsons Spice BBQ 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Chicken 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Portuguese Chicken 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Spice for Fish 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Mixed Herbs 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Spice for Mince 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Steak & Chops 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Spice for Rice 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Meat Tenderiser 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Peri Peri 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Spice Garlic & Herb 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Great Shakes Braai Mix 200g Shaker   £2.49
Robertsons Seasoning Spicy Portugese 200g Shaker   £2.49
Robertsons Seasoning Salt & Pepper 200g Shaker   £2.49
Robertsons Seasoning Succulent red meat 200g Shaker   £2.49
Robertsons Seasoning Louisiana Cajun 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Robertsons Seasoning Texan Sizzling Steak 100ml Bottle   £1.99
Jikelele Shisebo Mix with Chicken Spice 100g Box   £1.39
Jikelele Shisebo Mix with Steak & Chops 100g Box   £1.39
Jikelele Shisebo Mix With Rajah Curry powder 100g Box   £1.39
Jikelele Shisebo Mix With Barbeque spice 100g Box   £1.39
Jikelele Shisebo Mix With Cayenne Pepper 100g Box   £1.39
Aromat Seasoning Original   SMALL 75g Canister   £1.39
Aromat Seasoning Chilli Beef 75g Canister   £1.39
Aromat Seasoning Peri Peri 75g Canister   £1.39
Aromat Seasoning Cheese 75g Canister   £1.39
Royco cook in sauce Cape Malay chicken curry 50g Sachet   £1.49
Royco cook in sauce Fruity chicken curry 50g Sachet   £1.49
Knorr cook in sauce Chicken A La King 48g Sachet   £1.49
Knorr cook in sauce Mild Durban Curry 48g Sachet   £1.49
ROB'S SPICES BBQ    200g   £1.59
ROB'S SPICES CHICKEN    200g   £1.59
ROB'S SPICES FISH   200g   £1.59
ROB'S STEAK AND CHOPS  BBQ    200g   £1.59
ROYCO MCHUZI MIX BEEF   200g   £2.69
Cartwrights Curry Powder(ZIM)   50g   £1.69
KNORROX Cubes 6 Beef 60g   £0.69
KNORROX Cubes 6 Chicken 60g   £0.69
KNORROX Cubes 6 Oxtail 60g   £0.69
KNORROX Cubes 6 Mutton 60g   £0.69
Knoor Soup Brown Onion 45g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup White Onion 45g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Minestrone 62g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Chakalaka 58g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Cream of Mushroom 58g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Curry Vegetables 58g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Cream of Tomato 84g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Rich Oxtail 84g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Chicken Noodle 84g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Beef & Onion 67g Sachet   £0.69
Knoor Soup Beef & Tomato 67g Sachet   £0.69
Sun Jam   500g Can   £3.49
Black Cat Peanut Butter Smooth 410g Jar   £3.49
YUM YUM Peanut Butter 400g   £2.99
Hugo's Jam   450g   £1.69
Koffiehuis Full Roast 250g Can   £3.99
Frisco Instant 250g Can   £2.99
Nescafe Ricoffy 250g Can   £3.99
Nestle Cremora   250g Jar   £1.49
Freshpak Rooibos   40's Packs   £1.59
Joko Teabags   100's Pack   £1.40
Milo  Hot 250g   £2.99
HONDE VALLEY MUBORA    100g Box   £2.19
HONDE VALLEY MUNYEMBA   100g Box   £2.19
HONDE VALLEY NYEVHE   100g Box   £2.19
Safari White   700ml Bottles   £1.79
Safari Brown   700ml Bottles   £1.79
Cellar Cask White Johannisberger 750ml Bottles   £6.99
5th Avenue Cold Duck   750ml Bottles   £8.99
J C Le Roux  La Chanson 750ml Bottles   £8.99
J C Le Roux  Le Domaine 750ml Bottles   £8.99
J C Le Roux  La Fleurette 750ml Bottles   £8.99
Klipdrift Brandy   700ml Bottles   £16.99
Viceroy Brandy   750ml Bottles   £15.99
KWV Brandy 3 Year Old 750ml Bottles   £16.99
KWV Brandy 10 Year Old 750ml Bottles   £22.99
Amarula   700ml Bottles   £13.99
Cellar Cask Rose   700ml Bottles   £6.99
Cellar Cask Red   700ml Bottles   £6.99
Four Cousins Rose   700ml Bottles   £6.99
Tilapia Whole 5kg £11.50
Tilapia Whole 2.5kg £5.99
Tilapia Fillet 500g £2.19
Trevally Whole per kg £2.90
Milk Fish Whole per kg £3.39
Red Snapper Whole per kg £4.59
Mackerel per kg £3.29
Pangasius Fillet 1kg £3.29
Headless Reds per kg £4.79
Yellow Croaker per kg £4.39
Cat Fish per kg £3.69
Sardines 1kg £2.39
Haddock Fillet per kg £6.19
Cod Fillet per kg £6.99
Hake Fillet per kg £6.99
King Fish Yellow Tail per kg £6.99
Monk Fish per kg £13.99
Yams POA
Sweet Potatoes POA
Plantain POA
Hot Chilli Pepper POA
Watermelon POA
Okra - Lady fingers POA
Chomolia POA
Potatoes POA
Onions POA
Monkey Peanuts POA

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