Sausages, Burgers and Minced Meats:



Delicious Beef Burgers.

Beef Burgers:

A  firm family favourite - 100% beef, simply seasoned.

Our Beef Burgers are made from local beef supplied by local abattoirs.


We sell hundreds of these fabulous beef burgers, all year long.  Made on the premises by our butchers, they are ideal for the BBQ in Summer, or try them with baked potatoes as a real winter-warmer!

A great tea-time favourite with the children - with or      without a bun!




Freshly Minced Meats.

We produce  fresh, top-quality minced beef, pork, lamb & poultry. Just ask one of our assistants  -  we are always happy to help you.











Traditional British Bangers!

The traditional Pork Sausage

Favourite English Pork Sausages.


We have Pork 8's, Cumberlands 8's, Cumberland Rings (8oz), Pork 12's or 16's.

All of our delicious pork sausages are locally produced for an unbeatable sizzle!

Cumberland Sausages

The traditional Cumberland Sausage.

Perfect for Toad in the Hole

Cumberland Ring

The Cumberland Ring

Looking for something different?

Why not give it a whirl!









Home-Made Traditional African Recipe Sausages.

African-Recipe Boerewors Sausages

South African Boerewors Sausage made by our own Butchers, using locally produced pork and beef, and traditional South African recipes.


We make our boerewors sausages in Chilli, Plain and Chakalaka varieties. Just the thing to spice up your mealtimes!

Chilli Boerewors Sausages

Because some like it hot.



You can really turn up the heat with our delicious Chilli Boerewors Sausages.

African-Style Chakalaka Sausages

If you like to spice up your life,

you can start by spicing up your plate!