You'll find a large selection of top-quality, locally produced beef at Model Farm Shop.

Braising Steak

Braising Steak with a richness of flavour and balance of meat and fat.

Ideal for the lighter casserole or bourginion, or braised with carrots and onions.

Beef Silverside

Silverside of Beef


The carvery classic!

Beef Topside

Topside of Beef : the roast for a family treat when beef is on the menu.  The corner cut is by reputation the sweetest part and will normally have a covering of fat and good marbling to flavour and the dish, whilst ensuring it is succulent and delicious.  The middle cut gives a consistent round, and is often leaner.  Both re-heat beautifully for a second meal as well as making for excellent sandwiches.

Rolled Brisket of Beef

Rolled Brisket of Beef


The perfect long, slow roasting joint

Rib of Crop

Rib Of Crop.


The best known and loved roast for a fabulous Sunday lunch or celebration, providing a test for the most talented carver, but well worth the effort. This joint has complimentary textures and a surround and marbling of fat that is without equal.

LMC (Palace Rib)

LMC (Palace Rib)


Superb for Slow roasting or braising


Combines Sunday-lunch quality with week-day economy!

Diced Chuck

Diced Chuck.


Just the job for stews or curries , taken from the neck or as off-cuts from roasting joints , the pieces are of a good size and are well trimmed of all superfluous fat and connective tissue ; requiring no further preparation this meat can go straight into the casserole or skillet .

Minced Beef

Our butchers produce top-quality Minced Beef


Delicious, economical, and so versatile!

Stir-Fry Beef Strips

Stir-Fry Beef Strips


Tender Strips of prime beef to stir-fry in a flash!

Fillet whole

Fillet Whole.


As the least-used beef muscle, this particular cut is highly rated for its tenderness. A very lean joint, it's best lightly roasted, but makes a quite exceptional steak too.  Perfect for Beef Wellington - an English classic!