Sliced Meat on the Bone & African Style Meats:

Beef Chuck on the bone.


Beef Blade on the bone


Beef short ribs


Meaty Beef Bones


Shin Beef on the bone


Ox Tail


Goat Meat Sliced on the Bone



Mutton, sliced on the bone



Our delicious Traditional Recipe South African Boerewors Sausages are freshly made made by our Butchers.


We have a range of three flavours to choose from:







Hard Chickens can be sold whole,

or you can ask the butcher to cut it for you.


We have large hard chickens and small hard chickens available for you to choose from.




Ox Liver



Sliced Ox Feet


Ox Kidney


Ox Tongue


             Ox Heart


Ox Tripe