Lamb, Mutton and Goat Meat:



Leg of Lamb

Leg of Lamb, Boned and Rolled

Perfect for Sunday lunch

Rack of Lamb


Rack of Lamb


Just the thing to celebrate a special occasion - or to add a touch of class to an ordinary one!

Lamb Shanks


Lamb Shanks


The British Classic.

Wonderful with Rosemary 

(and just as nice with the rest of the family)!

Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops.


Brilliant on the grill or the BBQ.

Lamb Shoulder Boned and Rolled

Lamb Shoulder Boned and Rolled.


For an unbeatable long, slow oven or pot roast that they'll love to come home to.

Minced Lamb

Minced Lamb


For that perfect shepherds' pie (mechanics, plumbers, drivers, cleaners and secretaries like it too)!

Diced Lamb

Diced Lamb


Succulent cubes of tender lamb, for comforting casseroles, heartwarming hotpot, or take on the takeaway with a clever curry!

Shoulder of Mutton

The Classic Shoulder of Mutton

Diced Mutton on the Bone

Diced Mutton on the Bone, perfect for authentin South African, Jamaican and Caribbean dishes

Mutton Sliced on the Bone

Mutton Sliced on the Bone to add depth and flavour to your dishes

Goat Meat Diced on the Bone

Goat Meat, Diced into cubes on the bone to add authentic flavour to your African, Jamaican and Caribbean dishes