We now offer a wide range of frozen fish and seafood.

If you're looking for exotic and best quality fish - you're in right plaice!

Frozen whole Tilapia fish, available in 2.5kg packs or the economy 5kg box.

Tilapia Fillets - delicious, meaty, boneless and skinless fillets.

Mackerel - whole frozen fish. Add sprinkle of our Fish Spice and enjoy!!!!

Kingfish Yellotail fish - frozen whole fish.

Milkfish  - whole frozen fish.

Red Mullet (Goat Fish) - whole fish, frozen.

Yellow Croaker - whole frozen fish, approx 700-900g each. Just bake it in the oven with some herbs and garlic.

Red Snapper Besugo - whole fish, frozen.

Basa fillets (pangasius) - 1kg bags of frozen, meaty, boneless and skinless fillets. Average 4-6 fillets per kilo.

Seabass fillets - boneless, frozen fillets.

Haddock Fillets - boneless frozen fillets.

Lemon Sole Fillets - frozen, boneless fillets.

Raw Black Tiger Shrimps - 1kg bag. Delicious, raw, frozen shrimps ready to cook.

Prawns 400g - pre-cooked, frozen prawns.