We now offer a wide range of frozen fish and seafood.


If you're looking for exotic and best quality fish - you're in right place!

Frozen whole Tilapia fish.

Available in 2.5kg packs or the economy 5kg box.


Tilapia 2.5kg - £6.49


Tilapia 5kg box  - £12.99



            Frozen Catfish


           Catfish per kg - £3.49


           Catfish 5kg box - £16.99


Tilapia Fillets - delicious, meaty, boneless and skinless fillets.


Tilapia Fillet 1kg - £5.99

Cod Fillet -  Frozen fillets, nutritious and flavourful



Cod Fillet per kg - £7.99


Cod Fillet 10lb box - £30.00

Mackerel - whole frozen fish. Add sprinkle of our Fish Spice and enjoy!!!!



Mackerel per kg - £3.49


Mackerel 20kg box - £48.00

Yellow Croaker - whole frozen fish, Just bake it in the oven with some herbs and garlic.


Yellow Croker per kg - £4.49


Yellow Croaker 6kg box - £25.00

Red Snapper  - whole fish, frozen.



Haddock Fillets - boneless frozen fillets.


Haddock Fillet per kg - £7.99


Haddock Fillet 10lb - £30.00

Golden Pomfret -  Frozen


Golden Pomfret per kg - £5.99

         Pangasius Fillets 


1kg bags of frozen, meaty, boneless and                 skinless fillets. Average 4-6 fillets per kilo.

  Pangasius Whole

Headless Reds:


White meat that is full of flavour.

Hake Whole:


A white fish that can be cooked many ways.

Is also high in protein.

Hake Fillet:


It makes a good alternative choise to other white fish such as Cod and Haddock.


Is delicious with some lemon and herbs.



Prawns have a great source of protein. It also provides you with certain vitimins and minerals that make up a healthy diet.